Anusheh’s new song for album after six years

Versatile singer Anusheh Anadil, an immensely popular name in the country’s music scene, has lent her vocal to a new song for an upcoming album titled ‘Nambo Jole’. With this brand new track, Anusheh has made a song for any album after six long years.
The album will hit the audio market under the banner of Eagle Music on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day.
All the credit goes to album planner and singer Nirjher Chowdhury for making possible the impossible job of doing a new song by Anusheh, which is also considered to be almost an impossible task.
According to Nirjher, “Anusheh is my good friend. Besides, she liked the song; so we could do the job. She has sung a song after so many days. Therefore, I kept her song ‘Ami Nambo Jole’ as the album title.”
With the lyric and tuned by Piyari Chan, the music arrangement of the song has been done by Rokon Emon.
Owner of Eagle Music, Kochi Ahmed informed that the album will feature three songs rendered by Anusheh, Pintu Ghosh and Nirjher Chowdhury.
To note, Anusheh’s first solo album was published in 2012. Then after a long hiatus, two of her songs were released online in June last year. 

Source: The Independent


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