Anusheh Anadil

Anadil was born to Jamal Ahmed Sufi, a businessman, and Lubna Marium, a dancer and writer. Anadil and her sister, Naila Khan, appeared in Tareque Masud's documentary film Muktir Gaan. Anadil's younger brother Kushan Omar Sufi is a musician and designer. Her maternal grandfather was Lieutenant Colonel Quazi Nuruzzaman was a Bangladeshi war hero and secular nationalist, who served as a Sector Commander of the Mukti Bahini, in Sector 7, during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Her grandmother is Professor Emeritus Sultana Zaman, founder of Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation - an organization for identification and care of mentally challenged children in Bangladesh.[citation needed] As a child, Anadil was trained in The North Indian classical music. Through her encounters with the Bauls and Fakirs of Bengal, she found a connection to the philosophy and music they presented. She began performing with the band "Bangla" in 1998. In 2012, she released her solo album "Rai" which consisted of songs written by her and Tareq Masud's songs. Masud had also filmed one of Bangla's music videos named "Kanaar Haat Bajar" and had helped Anusheh with the making of Bangla's second album Prottutponnomotitto. Awards: "The Musical Journalist’s Award" (2006) "Annanya’s Sreshtho 10 Nari" (2007) "Meeto Memorial Award" (2009) "Daily Pratidin Award" for the "Best Title Song in a Soap Opera" (2011)

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